State & Society

Up to date in terms of society

Cultural affairs, the integration of the foreign resident population and the equality of women and men are just three topics that the Department of Justice and Home Affairs deals with. In doing so, it is responsible on the one hand for the legal aspect, on the other hand for its practical implementation. The Office of Cultural Affairs deals, amongst other things, with financial contributions to regional cultural institutions and productions, the Integration Office promotes projects on behalf of migrants and the Office for the Equality of Men and Women deals with topics like wage differences. All these offices have also contact to other governmental or private organisations.

Data, facts, documents

Not only does the Statistical Office collect an enormous range of data for the economy, politics and society, it also functions as the cantonal election office. And the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich harbour treasures from Zurich's more than one thousand years of cultural heritage– kilometres of files as a testament to centuries of government and administrative activities!
The Commercial Registry Office is one further special area of our Department.